Our Purposeful Exercise System is practiced by integrating concepts of wellness from both the East and the West. In the process of practicing and teaching dance and wellness for over 40 years, I developed an extensive knowledge of Breath Work, Nutrition, and Movement. These three essential elements of wellness are drawn from the Yīn Yáng Philosophy.

Through the study of our Purposeful Exercise System, you can achieve all this:

  •   Beautiful posture
  •   Joyful walking
  •   Playful cardio
  •   Blissful hiking
  •   Helpful balance
  •   Purposeful flexibility and strength
  •   Meaningful Qìgōng
  •   Insightful Tàijíquán
  •   Plentiful energy
  •   Grateful longevity

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And there is a special extra feature of this book; there are 18 QR codes that you can use to link to 18 exercise videos on YouTube as a teaching tool.